Friday, May 28, 2010

wanna feel myself again ..

My life while I'm away from u .. isn't a life
After u gone , I suffered a lot
I long for ur bosom and what can I do ?
All people pity on my condition
And the nights complained of me
Every day I ask myself ..
Don't I come on your mind ?
Or you like my torture ?
Reassure me with just one word my love
Comfort my heart that is calling u
My love , I said I can handle the torture
But do you imagine that I loved u more
while u're away ?
Come and feel me
And bring me back to u so I can feel myself again
Because except for your eyes in this
world , I have no place
Don't I come on your mind ?
Or you like my torture ?

Mo7amed Nour
in English .. 
U r my only angel in this life
and no one except u ..
will be . 

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Anonymous said...


بــَـنــُــوتــه عـــآديــه said...

ربنـا يهنيكي ويسعدك دايمـاً كده .. يــآرب :)

سمع هوص (Abo 3li) said...

عنجليزي تاني...

شكرا علي الترجمة

Anonymous said...
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