Sunday, October 23, 2011

Invitation ..

You'll be welcome here
if you wanna talk about anything
in your life.
Something like secrets , memories , problems ,
mood or even anything which pissed you off .

Be anonymous or stay known
as you like.

just feel free and go ahead ..

* The idea of this post is a regular post
every week in
طرطشة أفكار
thank you .. :)

12 Ur opinion:

Sarah .. said...

Life can be hard and unfair
you're strong and i've faith in you ..

Miss LoZa said...

I do Love "Here" :)

Ramy said...

I do not know what I say

but I think you all know my secrets


وحبي لك لن يموت said...

there is nothing called
( forever)
people come ,
people leave
and you stay alone
at the end <3

rona ali said...

ساره احب اقولك اولآ وحشتينى

فضفتى بقي

اضافت الي يومى الكئيب بعضآ من الالم
لم تتفهم طبيعتى
لمم تتفهم ظروفي
فلم تضف الي
الا بعضآ من البلاهه
اهذه حقآ صديقتى الصدوقه

دومتى بكل خير ;)

Anonymous said...

shall we hug without words

P A S H A said...

I failed to write in english language , but i think i wrote it successfully

Anonymous said...

ساره ,, انا قلبي موجوع قوي قوي وحشني اني افرح

يمامة شاردة said...

أحط حتة..تقلّ حتة

Ramy said...



كل سنة و انت طيبة

و عيد أضحى سعيد عليكى و على الأسرة


Sarah .. said...

Ramy :

الحمد لله يا رامى بخير .. تسلم ع سؤالك

وانت طيب .. ان شاء الله يبقى عيد سعيد علينا كلنا


A. Ibrahim said...

very nice